The Core

In our Christian life we often hitch hiked in the crust of Christianity, studying the dust and sands of every Biblical truth. We often get caught scraping, scratching, and scuffing the surface of every doctrine.

Sometimes we go to church just to listen to the words from the Pastor and ministers in the pulpit, nodding in every truth presented, yet not recording and inscribing every detailed explanation and exposition from it.

We always end up empty, we’re always unsatisfied for every lacking message that we ought to hear, but in our part we do nothing but stare, hear, and leave. We are not fixing our mental gaze into a much deeper digging of truth.

In our world, the precious stones, ores, and other minerals are found beneath the earth. These far buried gems are obtained by persevering effort of digging, so as with our Christian life; we cannot see the greatest of gifts that Christ offers if we don’t dig deeper! If we see Jehovah crucified in the cross, if we see the past miracles wrought, if we see the prophecies foretold, yet if we in our selves don’t believe it as a real story the happened, happening, and will happen, then we lack faith and the effort of acquiring it.

If you see the enumerable blessings that the Bible presents, your craving will be shifted to the greatest desire the world has ever witnessed; the Lamb that taketh away the sin of the World.

Enough of the constant repetition of mediocrity, dream for a more higher commitment of learning, a greater expanse of lasting knowledge, the knowledge of infinite, the knowledge of God.

But not until these truth applied to self and works a reformation of character, these truth remains useless. It must live its purpose; to inspire, to devote, and to rouse every stain of dirt to be transformed into a nobler and useful entity in this world and the world to come. Whatever verses you memorize or doctrine mastered, without application everything is useless. So as faith without works is dead.

As you dig in the bedrock of truth, provide yourself a vessel that will also bring you deeper into each truth, don’t just learn but adapt. Despite the heat of frustration flings to you, as you begin reaching the core of heavenly intelligence, always prepare the sturdiest reformation of your armor called character, always be ready and committed to leave the comfort of the surface above, you have a goal to be finished. A study that lives eternally.

You are going to the core.