The Reformat

This is what we are.

Personal Computers, we can coin a lot of definitions about it. But following the principles of Simile, all of us humans are Personal Computers.

As we daily boot our system, we are capable to work in a wide range of operations, if not unlimited. Our purpose is unto us unknown. But our Creator and Inventor knows what. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

Despite His unmatched intelligence and love to maintain us functional in this Laboratory called Earth, we computers does not really appreciate His presence. We are lured by the fancies that is available over the Internet and other useless Applications developed and installed within us; a delaying strategy to degrade our full capacity as computers.

But is this really the way we must bring ourselves in this laboratory? Where constant breakdown of other units are present, a reality in which only time separates to every computer. The user manual that was presented to the Technician named Moses and is written by our Creator almost four thousand years ago has been kept aside. With it containing the ten most important instructions ever presented to us. It is important to review every command printed in it. However, dust has covered its superiority.

So as with our Hardware. Fans, Hard drives, casings, Speakers, and Built-in Cameras has been dried from the Dove’s power to cleanse. A life focused in useless and aimless idle moments are practiced each day. A cleansing is needed.

Since the 1,260 days of the scheduled cleaning of all computers has commenced, one by one we are tested, one by one we have given the opportunity to be cleansed. Are we willing to accept such free gift of self-renewal? He who created us, sent His own Son and whosoever believed in His skills will be brought into a much more modern Facility, a facility where electricity is not present and is projected to operate forever. Where well trained maintenance men are very excited to meet the newest computer units in this Modern Laboratory called Zion.

A probation has been given, signs has been delivered, but no specific time has been stated to when this cleansing will end. Are the dust too thick for us to believe that we can still be repaired? Are we to continue our downward slope to destruction? Or are we willing to let the Expert, the One who made us to remake us? To improve our hardware and reformat our software.

Are we just bound in this Laboratory where life is limited? Or are we to look upon the misplaced manual and study on how can we become a part of that great culmination of all computers and join the last delivery into Zion.

He who created us knows how do we function. He alone can help us understand ourselves and our mission. He is offering the last and only chance of salvation. Will you accept the offer?

The choice is yours.


Caution: Keep Distance

This blog has been created after being motivated by reading yesterday’s Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide together with my Adventist friends, with the topic:

God’s Will: Holiness (1 Thess. 4:3).

Holiness in all aspect is the focus of the lesson for this week, it includes wide range of branched topics in its context, but the topic about sexual immorality (fornication) had been the center piece of the discussion.

It took 1 and a half hour for us to share our views and motivational advises in the group.

Let me jump to the point, I don’t really like to spend much time to write long articles.

Then we came into the last question. This one excites me:

What choices can we make that will help protect us from the potential damage that abuse of this gift can bring?

MINDSET is the most important defense that has to be placed in our inventory as Christians. We need not physical items to secure our safety in this battle, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness in this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Truly, sermons that are focused on relationships and are using sources from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy books thus help us improved theoretically. Yeah! I’ve been through this, I’ve been watching and listening sermons about these topics,  but how high is the assurance for us to protect ourselves in the trending form of courtship and dating that involves kissing, hugging, and the like?

Remember that in school, there are two parts of study. First is in the lecture where theories are presented, second is in the Laboratory where application of the theories is needed to investigate on how high was your understanding on the previously discussed theories during the lecture time.

Most of the time, laboratory activities are more harder to accomplish than the lecture quizzes. So as to life.

We sometimes feel that we have all the knowledge to shield ourselves in the fiery darts of temptations of adultery and fornication that are thrusting towards us. Keep in mind, when you’re in the battlefield, it’s not 100% that the environment there is the same compared to the scenarios that are shown in the lecture.

My point here is we are very weak to resist the temptations when we are alone with the opposite sex in an isolated place. This means that (not most of the time but based on my own experience) even how founded are we in the counsels about the proper and modest way to behave and apply the ways of friendship and love with the other sex, we tend to behave the way we don’t want to be. Because of the improper time, inappropriate topics, and not in the right place with the opposite sex some professed Christians cannot handle with boldness the temptations that Satan had laid for them.

prevention is better than cure. 🙂

We must stand firm in every decision that we make, let’s walk the talk!


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God Bless! 🙂