Meeting new friends

Hebrews 14:15,16. The theme for this year of all the districts under North Central Mindanao Conference is based on this verse.

To enhance the operation of this ministry, the MAS-AMiCUS Executive Committee conducted a leadership convention last July 12-14, 2013 at Cagayan de Oro City. All of the MAS-AMiCUS committee heads under NCMC are invited to join this convention. I, by the grace of God, managed to come in the meeting with other 14 fellow Iligan City District Leaders.

Above 50 participants managed to participate in the event from the six districts within North Central Mindanao. The six district are; Marawi District, Iligan City District, Cagayan de Oro District, Gingoog District, North Bukidnon District, and South Bukidnon District.

In my first night in the Convention, it seems very difficult for me to mingle with unknown faces and mixed personalities of leaders from other districts. So I choose to stick with people that belong within my group, people that I already knew. Honestly, I admit that I planned to stay with the group until the end of the Convention. But that plan will be soon abandoned.

I’ve seen familiar faces, but I never imagined getting along with previously unknown individuals. Other Leaders have made the event more colorful; we’ve shared life experiences, talents, hobbies, likes, interests, goals, and dreams. A span of one day seems to short in socializing with new faces within the conference. But it was not so, I’ve managed to make friends to almost all MAS-AMiCUS leaders that joined the convention, except for the MSU-Main Chapter Officers who came in the Convention late. The camaraderie that I’ve felt with these guys is different from the other set of friends that I have in school. The fulfillment in every little conversation with them inspires me to continue boldly in the ministry that I belong to, the MAS-AMiCUS. Every moment spent with them is worthwhile, every ideas discussed elevates the soul, and every action reflects modesty. Although not all, but the majority practiced to become like Jesus in all points as He is. Their aura of gentleness seems to overshadow my talkative attitude; it influences me to act the same as they acted. It transformed me; that simple and short exchange of words encouraged me to continue in the faith that I live in.

It was almost four months since my latest post in this blog was released. But thanks to the Leaders’ convention yesterday, my eagerness to write blogs seems to be revived. By the grace of God, by providing me new friends of the same faith! I’m so happy today! I’m sleepy, but my hands are impatient whenever my eyes try to close. It just seems that I’m not satisfied by not writing what I feel. It just seems that I don’t really want to end the convention yet. I miss them. Especially the people from North Bukidnon District, here are they:


“Let Brotherly love continue” – Hebrews 13: 1

I’m looking forward to the next meeting of District Leaders within our Conference. Hoping that if that day comes, we may have changed our Characters a step closer to God. Even how small that change may be, at least we progressed. Every cherished sin must be put down, every defect must be engineered, every spot must be cleansed, and every wound must be healed.

“in all points as He is”-Hebrews 4:15,16