A different view of the Social Media

In this point of our lives, we live in a generation where social media had us tied up. It has a lot of potential attributes to make our lives more productive and efficient. But is there a limit on how do we limit our use and our purpose in engaging in this new trend of personal satisfaction tool?

Admit it, even you uses social media to connect with people. To increase the traffic of pages, websites, and other web related stuffs in your work, school, church, personal ministry, or even for yourself.

But are we overlooking its worth? Are we treating it above the normal treatment we must put into it? Does our treatment then became the norm do we do in our life and to those who are before us? Have we made ourselves a slave into something that is created by fellow creatures? are we slipping our gaze in what is created by the real Creator? Does our limits been stretched into something that makes us blind into what’s real? Even this life that we now have is not yet the real thing, not the real place for us — there is heaven to look forward for — yet we forget about it. How much more are the things that are more essential for our development as mortals? Things that are important for our growth and preparation of the world to come. It has been forgotten.

The more we become social and open in the screen, the more doors remains close for us to have a life that our Creator desired. You can argue all you want, but look into the brighter side of this video and have time to think for yourself. On what’s real.

God bless.

Directed by: Gary Turk.


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