Central Processing Unit

This is what we are.

central processing unit (CPU), also referred to as a central processor unit, is the hardware within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetical, logical, and input/output operations of the system. Everyone of us are CPUs, in our journey in the circuits of life we create connections and absorb instructions by the help of the Energy unknown to us, an energy from outside our computer system, an energy connected in a cable that mediates us to the source of power. But before discussing the source of that immense and unknown energy, let’s first talk about this cable that joins us into it.

This Cable is a coated with protection to avoid short circuits, this protection must be without blemish and without spot or cuts to consider it as a worthy mediator between us, RAMs, and the energy from beyond. This cable has two ends, one end that connects to us and the other fitly connects to the source of energy outside. There are other kinds of cables that are available, but none of them are worthy for us to be connected into that same energy where we’ve got our power with. Only this cable deserves the praise that every CPU gives.  In him was life.

So let’s go to the source of that power. Where does it come from? it’s getting eerie here. But wait, the source looks like as if it needed not to be feared. It might have thundering sounds sometimes that only unfallen CPUs understand, it still looks harmless. It was connected into an outlet. As we examine the outlet, it’s connected again into a source of much greater power beyond the area of a single computer and beyond a single and humble home of every computer. It powers other CPUs in the world and the source is beyond comparison. The power comes only from a single source, that source would’ve been so great that billions of CPUs are run by it. Sadly, only few CPUs recognized its presence. They are processing computer instructions not knowing where they came from. A world beyond circuits, where larger and stronger bonds of cables are connected, where more other high-end CPUs lived, where that single source of power sits. The power let us live, but for a time. There will come an hour that the source will finally leave the ignorant and unlearned CPUs in their doom. With this power lost, the CPUs are no longer functional, their probation will be closed. Those who will endure ’till the end will be united with the source of power forever. The time of probation has came to pass, but UPS(Uninterruptible power supply) are installed in the remaining CPUs while the blackout is yet to approach. Only those who will stand firm until the end will be granted to possess the UPS forever. That great day of black out will soon to come, where the cable cease in its ministration and mediation between us and the Unknown Power. Only those who are worthy are allowed to live without power, because the source of power has given them the UPS, a UPS that lasts forever where the law of the Power embeded. But those who doesn’t make a move to obtain the promise given will be forever turned off. CPUs who are processing data that are not sychronized to the data passed through the cable.

In the last days, those CPUs that are abandoned but recognized the Source of Power while it was still in a full working condition, will be granted a gift of yet another UPS. Both the living and the faithful dead will receive the same reward. Now, everyone are getting prepared to the great blackout.

Will you continue to be turned on forever? Will you start processing Data now that are worthy to process? Are you wasting your RAM for other applications that is not required? When will you change?

CPU, this is what we are.


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