The lack of knowledge about different things are caused by our lack of effort to explore more.

Our brain are designed by God to be a database of massive information. It is only by our choice of what information are to be stored in there, if we let it so.

The story of Dr. Ben Carson is an example of a life of a person who persistently learn of what is unknown. His life is full of discoveries. Discoveries that are attainable by every human that are willing to learn. He inspired me, by the grace of God, to be an excellent student even though the circumstances are unfavorable. He shows passion in his career! He aims for learning and not for grades — it will just follow actually.

If we focus ourselves to our goals then the defects of our character will be done away. Not for the single moment of our decision in its pursuance, but for the little acts in achieving the purpose, consistently with perseverance. It is those little things that matters. The extra effort in every problem and circumstance. The desire that will drive your every action. And the knowledge and faith of the Infinite God that keeps you persistent in learning the things you thought unattainable.

You might have believe, maybe one moment in your life, that almost everything seems unreal because of the fact that it is beyond your reach, at least for a moment. It is only by faith when you can see things for real. When you know that everything is possible. And when you know that this physical world is actually spiritual.

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”Hebrews 11:3

Thus, make a persistent effort to learn more things that are unseen, because it is in those things that men will be able to get the highest possible wisdom available.


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