What is a Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly (using radio waves) over a computer network, including high-speed Internet connections.

source: wikipedia.co

Since, I’m a BSIT student and also a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, I’m going to relate this thing that we commonly called Wi-Fi with Jesus Christ.

Mr. Wi-Fi has a special function to let the nearby gadgets connect to him. If those gadgets are able to connect to Mr. Wi-Fi, then they can gain a full access into the internet where Mr. Wi-Fi freely gives to all who will draw nigh into him. Mr. Wi-Fi let’s the user type the correct password to establish such connection, that password can be only known through his son who knows it. Only through him can the people gain access into the internet where massive information is available.

Same as God. He’s the Wi-Fi who freely gives everything to us so that we can have access to the unmatched and infinite knowledge from heaven, which we don’t have any right to access. But, through His son, who had cleanse us from all inquities and grants us free gift of salvation, we’ve been justified, sanctified, and gloryfied.

and now, we can gain FULL access.

LOADING… our way to the riches of heaven.

God Bless. ^_^


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