An Unexpected Motivation

Today, when I had joined the weekly devotional of all Student Assistants of the Adventist Medical Center and College after the Sabbath, I was amazed by their enthusiasm. Most of them are away from their family and are only leaning their daily living from the wages by their own effort. Some had been a working student for almost 10 years, and some had just entered into this line of duty. Their bond and positive emotions despite of the trials they’re currently facing has given me a boost to strive harder in life, to stop settling from mediocrity when excellence is available.

The problem when we view common things that happened in our life is to view it as it is, common. No thorough view on what the situation was. This example had opened my mind into the obvious reality that I’ve been indulging not many years after my birth. The sense of being secured in life by the daily financial support of my parents had made me a spoiled brat. That attitude, as if it was a thing that needed not to be changed, has been creeping into my life since when I was a kid. A character that God doesn’t want me to employ in my life to come as a young adult and the life that is in heaven.

The motivation of being self-supportive or independent from the family help has keeping my perspective in life patterned and almost alike with those Students Assistants. This was a reality that I’ve been dreaming of to serve as a foundation in my quest of learning and applying the character of Christ in me. Surrounded by Student Assistants friends, I’ve been always instructed by them to create an attitude of making your own produce. Reaping what you sow and making something out of your own strength and effort is a great accomplishment for me, by the grace of God.

I’ve wanted to join their devotionals every Saturday night, because I admit it that I’ve learned many things from them. But for them it was just a common thing to have me there and listen to their century old testimonies and sermons. They are unconsciously influencing me by their positive look in the problems of life.Sometimes the least are the ones who’ll give you a lesson that has to be learned.

“Nay, much more those members of the body, which seem to be more feeble, are necessary:”-1 Corinthians 12:22 KJV

The most unexpected people that will appear in a particular situation are those that will help you a lot in your journey of finding and developing the character of Christ. If we’re just open minded in the reality that God wants to us, we could have been a better children to our parents. We could have strived our best in helping them from the simplest things into the most complicated ones.

“Whatever is done from love, however small it may appear in the estimation of men, is accepted and rewarded of God.” The Great Controvtersy, page 488 May God bless you after reading this note. ☺


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